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Horoscope for birthday 21 February Pisces

Free Daily horoscope Free Monthly Horoscope. New beliefs or ideas might grab your attention, as you thrill to the taste of foreign food. Someone close to you is working hard and getting an important project completed. You might lose a few personal contacts as life changes around you.

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Get set for a spooky Halloween on Thursday. Mercury turns retrograde on this day, slowing down your pace. Travel is not what it used to be now that we have entered a new age of increased security, but rest assured this is for your benefit. Those of you involved in higher education may be frustrated by red tape. Just take a deep breath and have patience. Spend the weekend with friends, tossing ideas around. Sun enters your solar 9th house on October 23rd joining Mercury and Venus placed there already.

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You feel challenged to perform in several spheres and will have to deal with mounting expenses. You look for new ways to earn more and at the same time you ask more out life; you desire a lot more than a humdrum existence. You want a meaningful life. There will be journeys for business or pleasure, or both.

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You try to leverage your knowledge and personality to become more successful. People will play a major role in your life socially, emotionally, and of course, professionally. You will reach out to others and be fully involved with contacts, contracts and communications, all of which will lead to progress and material gains. You will also deal with deeds and documents for both, personal and business purposes. You will meet new people, socialize, accept invitations, attend many parties and outings and live a bit daringly and dangerously.

You turn your efforts and energies homewards.

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There are many domestic responsibilities and you plunge into taking care of children, parents, elders and in-laws. There is need for less emotion and more objectivity, patience and calm. You interact with siblings, co-workers, neighbours and they all appreciate your concerns. They recognize your worth and you are delighted by all the effusive praise showered on you. The work front is on stable ground as of now, you have sewn up the loose ends, and so you feel that it is time to concentrate on domestic and family commitments.

You are a caregiver and are naturally empathetic. You like looking after people and will be a great asset in a world of suffering and despair.

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You are like Florence Nighlingale, always there for those who need you. Email info bejandaruwalla.

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